BPPV Exercise App Privacy Policy

The BPPV exercise app stores information on your mobile device so that it can report your progress and send you reminders should you forget to exercise one day.

The information captured by the app stays on your mobile device and is not shared with anyone.

In future versions of the app we might implement a means of sharing your progress data across your mobile devices using iCloud but if we were to do so this would be an “opt in” feature thus you would need to specifically enable this on each copy of the app.

Depending on the feedback we get from the Medical community we might also develop a means of sharing the epidemiology data collected by the app with the Medical community. Again if we were to add this feature to the app in a future version you would have to explicitly enable it. In this case we envisage that all we would share would be the number of users using the app within any given day and so your identity and data would still be private.

So to recap your data stays on your device and is as private as your device is.