Our consultation process


No one knows your business better than you do. The objective of this stage of the process is to understand WHY you are considering this project. Once we understand the business rationale then we will be better placed to advise and guide you.


Innovation is not Invention! Innovation builds on what you already know. Don't let a fear of technology stifle your aspirations - technology is an enabler not a barrier. Let us worry about the technology while you focus on WHAT you want to achieve.


Once we know your aspirations we can draw up a technology road map that takes you in incremental stages toward your final objective.

This will define HOW and WHEN each stage will be done. Each stage will deliver business benefit and will build on the stage before allowing you to innovate at a pace that suits your organisation.


Knowing the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHEN of the project we can identify WHO could work with you to deliver the solution. This may be an internal team, a mixture of internal and external contributors or, if aligned with our objectives, Today’s New Idea